January 14, 2016

Winter O.O.T.D

Outfit Of The Day

today the sun is out and the snow is finally melting... well somewhat. there is not a cloud in sight and the sunshine feels fabulous against my face. i have been cooped up all week so it was great to step outside and get from much needed fresh air. 

since it was a little warmer today, i went with a basic skinny jean and my favorite knit sweater and a vest. this vest is one size to big and i feel like it swallows me but its extra comfy and has plenty of room if i layer my shirts underneath...which i tend to do. plus I'm the kind of girls that doesn't wear formfitting clothing.

these cute guys are a must with the sun shining so bright! 

i have been growing my hair out for the past two years now and this used to be my "go-to" hair style. now that it is finally back to my original length (i will never cut it all off again) i am loving my french braids...

i am new to the accessories world, but now that i have started adding to my collection i cant seem to find myself leaving the house without any jewelry. 

+ am i the only one that wears a watch just for looks? 
all my watches are either telling the wrong time or the battery is broken..... 
my dad makes a comment about it every time i see him, so it certainly bugs him. 

 every hand needs a pop of color! i love this baby blue ring! 
You're never gonna guess where i bought it...... pssst Hobby Lobby
"B" is the first initial of my late grandmothers name and i haven't been able to part with it ever since she pasted. I'm blessed that it fits me perfectly. 

of course my scarf has cats on it. ;)
i buy cuff earrings for the tops of my ears. i love this look, because it makes them looked pierced without having to go through the pain and scaring if the close. 
when i was younger i had to wait until i was 13 to get my ear pierced. i don't do well with pain so i made my mother go first (her second hole) so i could watch.... which was not the best idea because it made me more nervous.....
lets just say i cried like a baby. 

 i hope these next couple of days go by very slowly and i cherish every second. we have absolutely no plans, no projects, and no events to attend. these are our favorite kind of weekends and it leaves plenty of room for adventures....and snuggles. so stick around to find out what we end up doing! i guarantee it will be epic!

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