August 15, 2016

Exploring My Life and Growing in the Process

Exploring nature is something that I was recently introduced to. Growing up I was not into sports...nothing's really changed there. Besides that I'm currently on a co-ed softball team, (my poor team) just to stand there and look pretty, right? .... no really. I can't hit, can't catch, most certainly can't throw,  but I can run those bases when needed. So I might be good for something there, I guess.

Back in the day I wasn't all enveloped in summer activities, unless it included laying out in the backyard getting a tan. (You're allowed to hate the old me, I won't judge you) I was your typical girly girl growing up. LAME! I was very much into staying indoor and "not sweating."

Something changed in my life and I so happy it did. Dennis. Dennis grew up with a small family that has a heart for traveling. Father from the Netherlands, born in California and now living in Indianapolis. I grew up with a large family that has never moved out of a small town called Newburgh, Indiana. The farthest my family has ever traveled was to Golf Shores Alabama. It just amazes me that even in our upbringing we are complete opposites. In every way.

Dennis is extremely outgoing and knows everyone. We don't live in a huge town now, but at the grocery, softball game, or even the occasional local bar, he's always saying hello to a childhood friend. Me on the other hand, I get sever social anxiety. I can't be in crowds, hate talking in front of people, and can am really awkward meeting new people.

Brown County State Park

Sometime I sit and think about how on earth we were ever put together to be in a relationship.

By no means am I complaining or unhappy. In fact I adore how opposite we are. It makes life interesting... very interesting. When we are faced with a new journey or obstacle you can guarantee there will be some sort of disagreement. It might be weird, but we grow best this way. We challenge each other everyday with our different view points and ideas. But it WORKS.

I can't imagine having a partner that is a mirror of myself. D might not "get" me all the time, but he sure does push me to get out of my comfy zone and do something new.

These past 3 years have been wonderful.  Hiking and being in the woods was something I never did before D. Now hiking is something we are constantly doing and thriving to do. We have both discovered a place and a passion where we can grow together without having to communicate. Being in nature allows us to go new places and explore new things.

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