August 10, 2016

My Ultimate Olympic Wear

What better way to watch the Olympics, than in style! Target, I don't know how you do it, but you get my e.v.e.r.y time. Seriously. You need to stop! You know how you can ban yourself from going into a Casino? I've thought about doing that to myself with Target. . . It doesn't help that I have a Target card, or does it? I always end up buying more than I should because I know I'll save 5%. It's vicious. so vicious. Like ever visit to Target I go in for one thing and end up thinking I need the entire store in my shopping cart. Luckily this time, I didn't forget what I went for, but in return left with much much more. Including this new USA t-shirt. 

Target USA appeal

USA and beer. Not just any beer. American's Beer. Bud light.! I was once told Bud light is the McDonalds coffee version of beer. I might have to agree. This is a perfect example of what a typical Tuesday night in my house. no shame here. BUT now I look like I understand what I'm watching when Dennis turns the Olympics on. When it comes to sports, I'll take any excuse to buy new clothes and to support a team. 

Target USA appeal

This might be the softest shirt I've worn in a while. 45% polyester and 43% cotton. What does that mean to me? It's won't shrink in the dryer! It's extremely breathable and lightweight. My ideal shirt for the summer time. 

Target USA appeal

I am the only one that catches myself drooling over the USA mens swim team? I. mean. come. on! Michale Phelps and his fiance and baby stole the show the other night when he won. Which left me in tears after and I only caught the last 8 seconds. The three Blue Moons probably didn't help, but it was very touching to watch. 


This shirt rocks. Head on over to your local Target or go online, because after all you just need this shirt. You won't be disappointed. 


Target USA appeal

Find the USA t-shirt here

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