August 3, 2016

Healthy Snacks for your Dog

What furry friend doesn't like sweet treats? I'm sure the same boring dry food gets old after a while, so why not switch things up a bit and keep them happy and healthy? Here are just a few ways I do so and they are all "Newman Approved".

I want to first start off by saying I am not a health expert or veterinarian. I am only sharing information from person experiences and what I have learned from other dog parents and what has worked best with my pup. Also this new pupmom has done her fare share of googling and worrying.

Healthy Dog treats

Sweet Potato Chews
These are SO easy to make and your dog will eat them up in no time! No really, they do take a while to bake and I felt like Newman went through 3 potatoes in a matter of days, ok 2 weeks. This was a fantastic healthy treat when training our pup to get in and out of his kennel and while potty training. He even caught on to the word "potato" and ran to the kitchen wagging his sweet little tail. I have made these time and time again, and Newman is only 5 months. Should I start growing them in my garden next summer? I might be on to something here.

Now this one took some time and a few tries. I first started off by cutting them into smaller pieces and freezing them for a cold treat, but Newman wasn't into it. We switched things up and went a little more basic.... eating them right from the bag. Carrots can be kind of a mess, but he loves them so much he will eat every crumb. 

Frozen Peas
Newman's MOST favorite treat so far!! Newman will roll and roll until he can get the entire bag. He is all ears when you open the freezer and shake the bag of peas. I loved training him with these because although he is smart, it took a few tries to master some tricks. These were certainly a "guilt free" treats when teaching new habits. 



This is a great sweet summer treat! Make sure it is SEEDLESS watermelon and let them go to town!(Stay away from the rind.)  Here I cut up a watermelon in cubes for myself and instead of throwing the rest away, I let Newman take a few licks before throwing it in the compost. He LOVED this new snack.

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