August 4, 2016

Summer Blog Space

To me, summer is all about being in the sun. Do you agree? I don't care if I'm working in the yard pulling weeds or laying in the grass drinking a margarita.Yes, in the grass. No blanket. It's a constant love-hate relationship with chiggers. I simply want to be in the sun. What better way to write this post than in my backyard soaking up the rays and wishing summer will never end. Really, I should move out of Indiana. . .

Blog Space

If I could pick my heaven on earth this place would be it... minus the hammock. I'm still working on that part. I have put my heart and soul into this backyard and I watching the progress of everything growing is so exciting to me.

Mac Book Pro

Mac Book Pro

^^^ Mac over PC any day!

La Croix

Snacks are a close runner up when it comes to staying still and blogging.  What else to keep the brain flowing while my belly is trying to convince me to go inside and eat the box of donuts I bought this morning.... carrots are the answer!! Plus if Newman is sitting out with me we can share

La Croix

I have always been a La Croix junky, well in the last 2 years I have been. This new flavor is winner winner! In honor of yesterday being #nationwatermelonday why not try out this yummy new drank! 

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